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About Us


Aspiring to be India's bespoke multi-brand online market place dedicate to Natural and Organic skin care and beauty products

With "UOLOC", we introduce a one stop shop for organic and natural skin care and beauty products with practically curated, very much valued and 100% certified brands and hundreds of items. At "UOLOC", we take pride in offering a far-reaching choice of 100% original natural and organic cosmetics, skin care, hair care, aromas, shower and body care products for women, men and children.

We expect to if you don't mind heading off to the most distant corners of the nation to contact you!

Being travel freaks, we visit lot of places every year. One thing that caught our attention over the past recent years is the use of organic bath, body and skin care products wherever we stay. We started hearing more and more about organic beauty products and heard many guests talking about how much they enjoy these products and would prefer over what they use in day-to-day routine. This popped a question in our minds - Despite being a presence of huge market of fancy, synthetic beauty and skin care products, why is the trend inclining more towards offering organic products! We interacted with multiple individuals, families and travelling groups to understand their commitment and desire towards organic products and this is how "UOLOC" was born!!!

As we dived deeper, we observed that there are 200+* enterprises manufacturing and distributing natural and organic products, and have some level of online presence. However, unlike other consumer durable verticals, there isn't any comprehensive online market place dedicated to natural and organic products and brining best in class products from multiple brands under one roof. "UOLOC.com" is first step to bridge this gap.


Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it, so we follow the same philosophy for skincare as we would in our diet. There is simply no place for pesticides or unnecessary synthetic. It is not about being an organic brand as much as it is about creating the highest possible quality skin treats that we are capable of. Due to rising awareness for health and chemical-free products, the organic skincare market has steadily increase in the past few years. The segment is expanding at a CAGR of 9.5% since 2015 and is expected to reached USD25 billion by 2025*.


We know the pride you take in certainty, quality and beauty with which you carry yourself; We at "UOLOC" aspire to be your buddy as you go up against numerous symbols and find your unique individual style. As your beauty amigo, we make it easier by delivering items appropriate to your doorstep.


As the final say regarding everything beauty and wellness "UOLOC" is an unique online skin care store for natural and organic products only. Gotten from a Sanskrit word "Alakh" that implies arise the purity in you, we at "UOLOC" are bringing the best of natural and organic beauty care products to you. "UOLOC.com" is tied in with praising inner beauty and commending the star in you.

Be natural, be beautiful, be YOU !!!

"When you opt for certified organic products, you are casting a vote for companies that can make a world of difference for people, planet and wildlife too."

*As per information available in public domain